Our lead guide has over 40 years experience in Katmai National Park. Together with over 20 years at Katmai Wilderness Lodge, Perry and Angela will assure you a trip of a lifetime in the pristine beauty of the Katmai Coast.

Led by Perry and Angela Mollan, the Katmai Wilderness Lodge managers will make your safety and comfort a priority, giving you one-on-one attention, friendly service, and a wilderness experience that is unique and exclusive.

As a fourth-generation Alaskan, Perry offers a unique insider’s perspective into this incredibly picturesque northern land. Perry and Angela have been summer residents of Katmai National Park for many years – Perry since 1980 and Angela since 1994. They look forward to hosting you at Katmai Wilderness Lodge and sharing their knowledge of the flora and fauna of the Katmai Coast.

Ethan Brodey

Ethan Brodey is a passionate outdoorsman, USCG captain, and seasoned Alaska guide who loves providing people with unforgettable experiences in the wilderness. His love of nature and sense of adventure originally drew him to Alaska, where he has spent more than a decade guiding both on and off the water. Ethan thrives on sharing his curiosity and appreciation for nature with others in this unique corner of the world we call home.

Ian & Nancy

 Ian and Nancy are seasoned adventure guides with extensive experience in remote guiding and sailing charters. Both hold 100-ton USCG captain’s licenses and are highly skilled in wilderness medicine.

With over 20 years of leading people into remote wilderness, Ian is an accomplished high adventure guide and has been a sailing charter captain for 15 years. He has extensive backpacking, hiking, and rock climbing experience. He is also a Wilderness First Responder and instructor.

Nancy, a Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), has a decade of experience in remote guiding and sailing charters. Her extensive skills in emergency response and wilderness medicine complement Ian’s guiding experience making them a dynamic and capable team from the mountains to the water, pushing the limits with confidence. In the off-season, she teaches Wilderness medicine classes to further education and outdoor safety.

For the past decade, Ian and Nancy have owned and operated a guiding and charter company, offering remote high-adventure excursions and week-long sailing experiences in the Bahamas. Currently, they are furthering their expertise by training under Perry and Angela, embracing new skills and experiences for future Alaskan adventures.

bear viewing in Alaska

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Experience unparalleled bear viewing in Alaska at Katmai Wilderness Lodge

Katmai Wilderness Lodge is situated in the heart of the Alaskan wilderness. This extraordinary lodge serves as the epitome of Alaska bear lodges, immersing visitors in captivating wildlife encounters amidst breathtaking landscapes. Discover the raw beauty of Alaska's untamed wilderness, where majestic bears roam freely. With comfortable accommodations and exclusive access to prime bear-viewing locations, Katmai Wilderness Lodge assures an unforgettable adventure for those seeking an authentic Alaskan bear-watching experience. From eagles to otters along the coast of Katmai National Park, our lodge is home to a diverse array of species, ensuring a trip of a lifetime. Explore the vibrant flora of Alaska, indulge in fine dining with our nationally renowned chef, and relax in one of our seven charming and well-appointed cabins.

Bear viewing in Alaska


The best Alaska bear lodge! You will see bears,  eagles, sea otters, moose, and many other species call Katmai National Park home.

flora of Alaska


From colorful lichen to fields drenched in blankets of fuchsia Fireweed, over 700 species of plants prosper in this complex ecosystem.

Alaska bear guides


Our lead guide has over 40 years experience in the area. You are certain to have a trip of a lifetime!

Fine Dining & Alaskan Cuisine


Our chef is nationally renowned for excellence in the kitchen. His presentations will delight your senses!

Alaska Bear Viewing Lodge


Rustic elegance, and well appointed. You'll feel right at home in one of our seven beautiful cabins.